Who qualify's for veterans pension?

You must have served for at least 90 days and you must have had atleast one day in war time.  For those who served in military after 9/7/80 you must have served 24 months or longer or full term of which you were called to active duty.  You must have little or no family income the rate at which is set by congress.  You also must have been discharged from service under conditions other than dishonarable.  You must be totally and permantly disabled or 65 years or older.  

If you are found eligible for pension you may also be entitled to aid and attendance or household benefits.  This is for veterans who are more seriously disabled and these benefits are in addition to pension.  

Aid and Attendance can be granted to a veteran when they are eligible for pension and any of the following.  The veteran requires the aid of another to perform personal functions of living.  You are bedridden.  You are in nursing home due to mental or physical disability.  You are blind.

House Bound is also paid in addition to monthly pension.  A veteran is eligible for these benefits if they qualify for pension and one of the following.  You have 100% single permanent disability and permanently and substantially confined to immediate area.  You have 100% single permanent disability and another disability evaluated at 60% or more.

You can not get both Aid and Attendance and House Bound benefits.   

Improved Pension Rate Table